Charles County Humane Society

 The Charles County Humane Society located at Waldorf, St. Charles, Maryland has been striving for the past 35 years to make the world, at least in Charles County, better for homeless and neglected companion animals. The Humane Society of Charles County envisions a community where animals are protected and cherished and have a loving home.

Charles County Humane Society

The history Charles County Humane Society

The Humane Society of Charles County was started in 1978. The Society had only 25 members in the beginning. The shelter operates from Industrial Park Drive, St. Charles. The Humane Society had only dog houses in the initial days in the backyards of the old Ice Plant on Route 5. It re-located to the current location in 1980.

charles humane society

Services provided by Charles County Humane Society

The Society works towards the welfare of all kinds of animals: rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs. It nurtures and rehabilitates abandoned and injured animals.

Rehabilitating abandoned animals.

Helping pet-owners find homes for their pets.

Putting up the shelter- inmates for adoption.

Providing pet training sessions.

Assistance in spaying & neutering of pets.

Pet boarding services where patrons going away on vacations can leave back their pets.

Assistance in finding lost dogs.

Investigating animal cruelty cases.

Providing pet therapy program.

Holding Rabies Clinics.

Licensing of pet-owners.

Conducting Humane Education in the local schools.

humane society of charles county

Volunteering services at Charles County Humane Society

The Humane Society provides opportunities to the community to participate in the welfare of the animals in the shelter. The volunteers are involved in all the operations the shelters. Volunteers have to undergo training sessions. These sessions are held by the Society at their premises. The society has two clubs for the youth to be pro-active in animal care. These clubs i.e. KIND (Kids in Nature’s Defense) and TWLA (Teens who love animals) meet every month. They are enlightened about different issues concerning animals and the environment. The young members also help out in the various activities of the shelter.

humane society charles county

Fund-Raisers at Charles County Humane Society

The Humane Society at Charles County has initiated the ‘Bark in the Park’ event in Charles County. It is held annually. Many activities are planned where pet-owners and their pets can form teams and participate. It is slated to be held on October 13th this year. This year there are two new events: Run Like an Animal 5k & Fun Run.

Funding at Charles County Humane Society

The Society does not receive any financial support from the Government or national organizations. Charles County Humane Society is a not for profit independent organization. It is funded majorly by individual voluntary donations and from business organizations. Also the Society urges the community to donate certain items useful for the shelter. All the monetary contributions are tax-deductible. They also declare Shelter Heroes every year. A business organisation that makes a significant contribution to the Humane Society becomes a nominee.


More details of the Charles County Humane Society can be obtained from their website

The Humane Society of Charles County Maryland is located In Waldorf Maryland and provide food, shelter, medical help, spay and neuter.

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